Dance, Dress, and Decorum, 1550 - 1910" A period etiquette series of seven classes intentioned to inform singers of the origin of costume and how it should be worn in a period opera production, as well as how it effects physical performance

Dance, Dress, And Decorum has been taught at various companies and programs, including:

The Metropolitan Opera - Lindemann program
San Francisco Opera Center – Adlers and Merola
Minnesota Opera  - Young Artist program
Portland Opera - Young Artist program
Atelier lyrique de l'Opéra de Montréal.
Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
Arizona Opera – Young Artist program
UCLA — Opera Program, and School of Costume Design
university of north texas — Opera Program, and School of Costume Design


"As the Director of the Opera Center at the San Francisco Opera, I find that the historic context for opera is something that is only vaguely comprehended in so many cases, and that some singers, because Universities save money by only producing works in updated stagings, have never worn period clothing.

It is invaluable to have a class that brings an historic background to the periods in which the operas are written or in which the stories originate.  And combining this with information about the clothing of the period is exceptional… sitting down in a bustle or a hoop skirt requires some knowledge!  (Knowing what order a gentlemen would rid himself of cape, gloves, scarf, and cane is essential.) Adding to this the training in obeisances and the dances of the period, allowing them move in the of clothing and shoes of the day, is the crowning point to the class.

I can highly recommend this class to all schools and training programs.  Nicola Bowie has put together an extensive presentation that covers all the points that I felt were essential, and I definitely have learned more about period clothing and dance watching her class.  Hire her now!!"

- Sheri Greenawald, Director of the San Francisco Opera Center